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At deGrevilo we are passionate about good storytelling. Our curated authors have found their voices – we help them to find their future readers. Scroll down and you might just discover your next book club recommendation. Whether you’re looking for a gripping murder mystery detective series, a hilarious audio book for animal lovers, or a whirlwind travel memoir to whisk you off to Central Asia, we’ve got you covered.

Happy Reading from the team at deGrevilo.

The Stranger's Bed - a gripping suspense story from Ireland

THE STRANGER’S BED  ** Sept 2023 **

Oliver Sands’ latest book, THE STRANGER’S BED, is out now!

Tightly woven with suspense and intrigue, THE STRANGER’S BED is a tale of guilt, grief, and the risks one woman takes to find out the truth about her missing friend. Gripping until the end, you’ll think twice before planning your next weekend away…

(Recommended for Readers who like a riveting suspense that will keep them turning pages way past bedtime).

‘This is such a thrilling read. The climax hits like a perfect shot of espresso. Tight plotting and some gorgeous prose too. Would highly recommend.’


“The Stranger’s Bed is one of those thriller stories that has your attention on lock from beginning to end. Oliver Sands infuses a potent mix of suspense, mystery, and thrills into a gripping narrative that refuses to let go of you. I was completely hooked by the sleuth mystery element of the plot and highly recommend this book to thriller and mystery readers.” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐



Three months ago, Anna’s best friend vanished during a night out in Dublin.

What happened to Ger? And why is Anna now convinced a stranger is watching her from the shadows?

Desperate to escape her growing paranoia, Anna sets off for a weekend at a cottage in the Irish countryside. But something about the isolated property instantly unsettles her. And as Anna delves deeper into the cottage’s dark secrets, she can’t shake the feeling its mysterious owner is linked to Ger’s disappearance.

As a deadly game of cat-and-mouse escalates, has Anna finally lost her grip on reality? Or is she in fact about to face the same shocking fate as her friend?


The Lightning Rod is the riveting new crime thriller by best selling Australian crime writer Ged Gillmore


Ged Gillmore’s latest book, THE LIGHTNING ROD, is out now.

The lives of three strangers become dangerously interlinked when gunshots ring out on a respectable Sydney street…

THE LIGHTNING ROD is a gripping crime thriller which takes place in the seedy underworld of Sydney and a remote island lair in the Philippines. A tightly woven story with razor-sharp dialogue and flawed characters you can root for, this is a smart page-turner that will hook you until the last line.

For readers of riveting crime thrillers and hard-boiled Australian crime fiction – THE LIGHTNING ROD is perfect for fans of Perfect for fans of Garry Disher, Alan Carter, Gary Gregor, Jay Stringer and Greg Barron.


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“With plot twists happening at lightning speed, there is little time for anything but to keep turning the pages of The Lightning Rod” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐



All she wanted was an Uber – instead she got a corpse.

When gunshots ring out on a respectable Sydney street, Anna Moore finds herself sharing an Uber with a dead man. To make matters worse, the dead man was part of the feared Mendoza drug cartel, and now Anna’s the only one who knows his whispered last words.

Ruthless undercover cop, Charlie Hall, sees a perfect opportunity when she interviews Anna. Charlie has a secret agenda, and Anna might just be the perfect pawn for her to use to bring down Mendoza’s operation.

Meanwhile, the Uber driver, Bassam, still has the dead man’s bags in his trunk. He should tell the cops. But what harm will it do to take a look first?

The cops want results. The drug cartel wants no loose ends.

As Anna, Bassam and Charlie descend into the murky depths of the criminal underworld they’ll have to trust each other to outwit Mendoza. But when pressure mounts and morality blurs, the three will face a desperate fight that only two of them will survive…


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Breeda Looney Steps Forth - contemporary Irish womens fiction 2020

March 2020

Breeda Looney Steps Forth

We don’t mind saying, but the team at deGrevilo Publishing is super excited to announce the release of Breeda Looney Steps Forth by our very own Oliver Sands.

** Perfect for fans of Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine and A Man Called Ove, this touching tale from Ireland is bittersweet and darkly hilarious in equal measure; a wonderfully human story to lift the spirits and warm the heart. **

‘[Oliver Sands’] lyrical prose consistently impresses… this is a worthy page-turner.’ – PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

OUT NOW! Grab your copy today.

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Breeda Looney tells herself she’s happy with her life in a remote Irish fishing village.

Sure, there are days she talks to no one but the cat, her panic attacks have become public spectacles, and crabby Aunt Nora considers her a total waste of skin…

But could one lie from her childhood change everything?

Breeda is about to stumble upon an old family secret never meant to see the light of day. Her beloved father, said to have died when Breeda was a child, might actually still be alive.

But secrets rarely exist alone.

And as Breeda digs up the family dirt to find her long-lost daddy, she quickly realizes she’s just opened the biggest can of worms imaginable…

Breeda Looney steps forth. But what on earth is she about to discover?

Heartfelt, compelling and often darkly funny, this debut fiction from Ireland follows one woman’s quest to find her truth and, ultimately, her place in the world. With a cast of colorful characters, and brimming with surprisingly tender moments, Breeda Looney will stay in your heart long after the final pages…

Praise for Breeda Looney Steps Forth

“A gorgeous story. Set in modern Ireland and steeped in the beauty of the Wild Atlantic Way, Sands tells a delicate story of one woman struggling to find the truth about her past while battling her daily demons. From the rain and mist of the Galway coastline to the dangerous streets of London, this story is told with passionate and lyrical grace.”  GOODREADS

“Breeda was indeed a character that many people would be able to identify with and that’s really what made this story so readable and so enjoyable.The author’s effortless and easy-reading writing style make this the perfect book for a Sunday afternoon read by the fire. I look forward to more from this talented newcomer.” *****  READERS’ FAVORITES

“Hilarious at times but ultimately totally heartwarming, Breeda Looney Steps Forth is an outstanding debut from Oliver Sands; it’s completely brilliant and wonderfully charming. I loved every single moment and, as I plan to read it again, I most definitely recommend it.”  THE BOOK MAGNET

Stans By Me book cover - a hilarious travel memoir following a whirlwind tour around Central Asia

June 2019

Stans By Me: A whirlwind tour through Central Asia – Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan

deGrevilo Publishing’s first travel guide, Stans By Me, launched in June this year to coincide with the busy booking season for adult adventurers seeking travel inspiration to this lesser-visited but stunning part of the globe. The ebook, by Ged Gillmore, is a hilarious travel memoir outlining Ged’s recent three-week jaunt around the five ‘Stans of Central Asia; Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Written in Gillmore’s deadpan British wit, there have been comparisons to the much-loved travel writer, Bill Bryson.

If you like Bill Bryson’s style of writing you will enjoy this. It has humour, and loads of information . The information ranges from Wiki to whimsical. Ged travels with a group (9 total) to the 5 Stans. A very different look at the countries. It’s a book that gave me a small insight into Central Asia and made me chuckle. Thoroughly enjoyed the trip.” Amazon Reviewer


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More praise for Stans By Me

‘Entertaining, informative and really well written – just the right balance.’

‘Best travel book I’ve ever read. Very entertaining. And funny too!’

‘Easy going travel writing interspersed with characters, I really enjoyed this. It’s for all the people who love adventure but realise you are often just a tourist. Whether you are going to the stans or not I would recommend this book’

Australian Crime Writers Association - best australian crime fiction awards Class Act by Ged Gillmore

July 2018

CLASS ACT has just been long-listed for the Ned Kelly Awards 2018 by the Australian Crime Writers’ Association!

Exciting news, hot off the press, from deGrevilo Publishing! Ged Gillmore’s ‘CLASS ACT’, the second book in the Bill Murdoch Mystery series, has just been announced as a contender for the 2018 Ned Kelly Awards.

(CLASS ACT is a story within a story, slowly revealing the conventions of crime fiction to the Reader, as reluctant private investigator, Bill Murdoch, goes about solving the case of a murdered young woman whose body is found in Sydney harbour. If you’ve ever wondered how to go about writing a detective story then CLASS ACT will reveal those all-important crime fiction conventions. A treat for crime fiction lovers everywhere!)

This year’s list of nominees for the Ned Kelly Awards include well-established crime writers as well as some talented newcomers too. Saying that, the majority of those longlisted in the Best Crime Fiction category are former Ned Kelly Award winners, and this highlights the strength and consistency of the local crime writing scene.

The 2018 long list includes such best selling crime fiction authors as Alan Carter, Candice Fox, Garry Disher, Dave Warner and former ACWA President Michael Robotham. And of course, our very own, Ged Gillmore!

You can read the opening chapters of CLASS ACT and find stockists here.

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Base Nature - the new Bill Murdoch Mystery
The Murdoch Mysteries crime fiction series from Australia

March 2018

BASE NATURE (A Bill Murdoch Mystery series, Book #3) – is out now!

Last year, Ged Gillmore introduced mystery lovers to Bill Murdoch, ‘the world’s most reluctant private investigator’ in HEADLAND. The sequel, CLASS ACT, followed closely behind in January.  Well, Murdoch is back to solve more Aussie mysteries in the latest instalment, BASE NATURE – and this promises to be Murdoch’s darkest case yet.

This time around, Murdoch and his partner, Davie Simms, are hired to find a local businessman, Scott Patterson, the victim of a mysterious abduction. But soon the case takes an unexpected turn, and Murdoch and Simms find themselves dragged into a depraved underworld of human trafficking, prostitution and torture where they will discover evil on their doorstep and face a desperate fight for their lives…

BASE NATURE has been described as ‘a chilling page-turner that crackles with suspense’ and ‘an edge-of-seat mystery with an explosive ending’. Murdoch’s latest adventure promises to be a well-received addition to this exciting new series which will align well with the recent appetite for Australian noir.

For a free sample, and to sign up for alerts on new releases, go to the author’s website at:

The series will be available in both paperback and eBook formats. Further details can be found at the Australian Crime Writers Association.

Order BASE NATURE today:

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September 2017

BAD Sydney Crime Writers Fesitval, 2017 What a great time we had at the inaugural BAD Sydney Crime Writers Festival on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd September. One of the highlights was attending a talk by the voracious crime reader and reviewer, Sue Turnbull, who took attendees on a stroll through the different crime writing genres over the past few decades. It was very interesting to hear the trends, from Private Investigator style noir (think Philip Marlowe) through to Scandi Noir, then Domestic Noir (think Gone Girl, The Girl On The Train, etc) and now to the advent of Small Town crime books, such as Jane Harper’s The Dry. There was an engaging Q&A where people spoke about their favourite crime novels too – needless to say the deGrevilo to-be-read list is going to take a while to get through. More details here:

Actor Deborah Wiseman

August 2017

Bestselling kid’s book Cats On The Run now in awesome audio! Tuck & Ginger, the Cats On The Run, are back in 6hours 48 minutes of awesome audio! deGrevilo Publishing is thrilled to expand into audio with this wonderfully funny piece of middle grade fiction. We were even happier to have secured the vocal skills of voice-over talent extraordinaire, Deborah Wiseman, for this challenging piece of recording (so many crazy characters!). Deborah is a very experienced stage, TV and film actor based in Dublin and she has done many successful voice-over recordings over the years. It was a joy to work with her and the reviews of the audio book are stellar. The Cats On The Run audio book is available at all major retailers (Amazon, Audible, iTunes etc). More details and a cool Q&A with Deborah can be found here: Purrrfection!